Frequently Asked Questions

Custom designs:

What kind of design are possible?
“There is a lot possible. You need to make sure your design fits on a kneeslider. If you send your design, we will make a 3D design where you can see how it will end up looking.”

How will the 3D design look in comparison to the real product?
“We want to stay as close to the given design as possible. It will resemble the design as close as possible but, on some points, the design could disappear in the outside Color. When the kneeslider is eventually used these small minorities will be gone by sliding of the excess material.”

Can I choose a Color that you do not offer on your site?
“Yes, we are always open to new ideas. Contact us with the Color you want, and most of the time we can arrange that.” 


What is the hardness of the sliders?
“Our sliders are pretty hard compared with stock kneesliders. They are a bit heavier too. They wear out less fast than original sliders”

What is the difference between sparky and non-sparky sliders?
“Sparky sliders have metal bolts in the design. This gives a sparking effect when you do a kneedown. The bolts are visible within the design. Sparking sliders are often NOT allowed on the track.
Non-sparking sliders do not have any metal in the design. The designs are better visible.”

What kind of metal is used in the sliders?
“We used high carbon steel bolts because it gives the best visible sparks. We tested a lot of different materials like magnesium, titanium, iron, and hardened steel. The high carbon steel came out of the test as the absolute Nr.1”

Can these sliders be used on any kind of suits?
“The sliders can be used on any kind of leather suits. The sliders won’t stick on a textile suit unless there is an option for kneesliders made for it.”

Does the design disappear when the slider wears out?
“No, when you use the sliders the design will be always visible. If the design disappears it means you used all of the material and it’s time for a new pair.”