Something about us!

Co-owner MotoRan
Co-Owner Michel van Elswijk

MotoRan started as a group of friends with a passion for motorsports. We liked to detail our bikes, show our outfits add some mods. But what did we miss? We wanted more details on our suits! Looking at different options, some permanent, it didn’t satisfy our needs. Everyone has stickers and patches. What if we could make our sliders stand out! The great benefit was that you can change them out after you got sick of them!

Our goal was to develop a sparky kneeslider for everyone to enjoy. A part of your outfit that could really tell something about you. We’ve always loved details so it is great that we can now put these and more details on our knees.

Kneesliders where you can show your bike-squad logo or even your favorite cartoon character. We wanted everything! Our motorcycle community is large, and we acknowledged this. To make a slider fit for everyone we had to implement different options. Some sliders to use on track other to make the sparks fly and even some to show off great taste of style. Everyone gets something at MotoRan!

co-owner MotoRan Randy van Kuyk
Co-Owner Randy van Kuyk

After the initial idea came to the ongoing development process. We tested a lot of different materials and butchered a lot of prototype sliders. After getting our satisfaction, we reached out to our friends to test them. With all the feedback we got from them we went back to the drawing table and improved our product to the first real version. We sold this version to our first, and now regular, customers with who we still have close contact! After some more iterations and feedback loops, we have now created the best sparky kneesliders yet! Why yet I hear you asking. Because we still improve our kneesliders day by day. This is thanks to our great customers and community. We use every bit of feedback we get and take it to our drawing table where we keep improving our kneesliders so that we never let you down! Interested in joining our test team of experienced riders? Contact us!

The most important part about all of this? We love our work, customers, and community. We always stay in close contact with them. Is there a problem, a new idea, or just a question? We always help you where we can, and no question or idea is too silly. Just ask so, We deliver You Perform